woensdag 28 september 2011

"The Great Church Trilogy" reviews and more...

Only a couple of days left to the Electronic Circus Festival in Gütersloh, where the release of "The Great Church Trilogy" will take place!
If you like Electronic Music, want to see great live performances, have a chat with the musicians, buy their music, etc., it's absolutely worth visiting this annual event! Tickets are available from http://www.electronic-circus.net/.

In the meanwhile there has already been some airplay of the music from my new album, and as soon as the physical promos have been sent out, there should follow more... I am trying to keep you updated as much as possible via my social media, website and this blog!

Recently there have also been published some reviews from my latest albums and compilations featuring one of my tracks, by Sylvain Lupari of Synth&Sequences / Guts Of Darkness.
He has already submitted the first review of the upcoming release:

The Great Church Trilogy

Dutch Masters
E-Day 2011 Sampler

Reviews of some of my previous albums:

And an extensive interview about "EoD":

Note that the original reviews are written in French, and the links to them can be found below each review.

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