maandag 8 augustus 2011

Session with at Apollo Studio

Yesterday I visited the Apollo Studio of (Michel van Osenbruggen).
Recently Michel and I already recorded some musical ideas, and on my latest cd, "i-Dentity", there could also be heard some of Michel's skills!
We made maximum use of the day, and globally recorded and worked out some (in my opinion) very satisfying tracks.
As Michel and I have to work on our upcoming solo album releases the coming time, there will be not much time to work a lot on our collaboration until October, but indeed I will keep you posted about the progress of this and another project we are both working on.
We should have some concrete results for you somewhere in 2012 - of course if we are both happy with the final results.
The sessions we had so far were very inspiring and until now it seems we more or less share the same ideas and thoughts about our creations so far!

The coming time I have planned at least one other interesting collaboration, but more details will follow later!

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